Friday, April 17, 2009

Lovely Song

I m gonna loose You.....

The sweetest dreams I've dreamed with you
You're my sunshine when troubles made me blue
I'am so alone now that you're gone
I didn't mean to hurt you, come back where you belong

Yes I know I know I'm gonna loose you
But my shoes keep running back to you
Cause they know, there'll never be another
There will never be another you
(Baby baby baby.. how I love you(?))

Still I go, that same old way
where we walk together and kiss the night away
Only a fool could let you go
My world is so empty, come back I miss you so

Thank you to anonymous who give me this song(i never know who you are)... i have searched this song for long time... and i wanna dedicate this song just for 'you' where ever you are.....I pray for your success..